In grey London in the middle of June

In grey London in the middle of June
I sit in my own mess
All the rain, fog, and floods
Equal only to our bitterness
A privately owned company took all this water
Leaving the rest of us dry

Our bills go up for their bonuses
While our lives hang on threads
No work for me and all the shops are closed
Public morale in shreds

I go back home to my overpriced room
I sit in my own head
In grey London in the middle of June


When I come down to my knees

Struggling to pray

My mind in storm striving for peace

Looking for hope


I try to brush off the overwhelming thoughts

Of being powerless

Against pollution, inequality and loss

Everything we know


And I do my best to do my part

So that all is better

But it feels like making a castle from sand

Against a mighty river


What to do, where to go

How to save each other

The time is now for us to unite

Give back to the Earth


Looking for home

Lost in the halls
The mystic land
Head held up high
But it’s so late

Without the warmth
Your guiding hand
Where do I start
Looking for home

In the depths of the ocean
In the depths of you

I no longer see
My North Star
Clouded with fear
The dark sky

Please take me in
I wandered too long
Without a place
I slept alone


Teasing Fate

When I lay in bed alone at night
Turning from side to side
The sleep won’t come
No matter how I plea
Because even in the darkness
You’re all I see

The blanket becomes your hand
The pillow turns into your chest
The hum of the wind
Feels like your breath
There is no more to be said

I’m hopeless without you
Yet I can’t live with you
Was it too soon
Or was it too late
Were we only teasing the fate

I can think of this all night
Until the first rays of sunshine
Then a new day makes me forget
But when the next night comes
I’m full of regret

For tomorrow

Closing my eyes I have faith in tomorrow
Another day passed, I’m grateful and honored
After I wake up to solve a mystery of another day
Will it be love I find ora friend walking away

I’ll smile and I’ll act
I’ll make mistakes
But learn from the past

I know in the end I’ll get where I long
Or if I don’t, at least it’ll make me strong

Opening my eyes I’ll challenge the new dawn
The biggest challenge: to be happy
That’s all I want

How to feel

Most feelings I don’t understand
Foreign beings in my mind
Some strangely familiar
Yet out of reach
Nearly physical
Mostly overwhelming
And if I have to be honest
Sometimes I wish they disappeared

Then I lay covered in love
Feeling alive, calm and powerful
In a blissful ignorance
Wrapped up in faith

I forget I get hurt
And I get hurt a lot

My mind buzzes like pouring sand
Logic is left far behind
Emotions once tamed
Now rage unleashed
My body is crying
My body is yelling
And if I have to be honest
Losing control fills me with fear

Then I smell the coffee you made
I leap into joy, dance in the living room
Going blind for you
Again and again

I forget I get hurt
And I get hurt a lot

In your eyes

When the morning starts alone
I no longer care
Days come and days go
A fragile, subtle hand

A kiss, soft breeze
I tried to be a friend
You’re the sun and I’m the moon
I have to put it to rest

A glimpse of a smile
Like a ray of sun
Cut through my endless night
And just like that
You saved my heart
From such poisonous act

Like fire, like wind
Two souls came to meet
I tried to run, I tried to fight
But was left in defeat

Days come and days go
A fragile, subtle hand
When the morning starts alone
I no longer care

Who we are, who we can be

So you want to escape
What are you running from
Is it your father’s arms
Or your mother’s quiet storm

I wish I was a cloud
I could drift through the sky
Make the sun only mine
And sing for everyone

I wish I was a mountain
Have a thick tough skin
Not to bow to anyone
Not even knowing how

Then you want to begin
What are you waiting for
Some sort of forgiveness
Or your own doubts to grow

I wish I was a wind
Careless, free and swift
Carry sweet seeds of life
Chase after the sunlight

I wish I was a river
Creating my own paths
Have a will strong as a stream
Living life to the extreme

So you want to achieve
What are you hoping for
Privilege and light treatment
Results you didn’t work for

Day after night

Moon slipping through black feathers of the night
Sunlight of the previous day forgotten
We lay immobile, unaware
Entangled in dreams, covered in sheets
The weight of the world keeping us in place

I hear the birds before I can see the dawn
Our breaths in harmony
Soft touch breaks the seal of sleep
The mind starts climbing into this new day
Our eyes calm, warm, satisfied

We spread our arm and let the world claim us
With eyes wide open we breathe in the light of the morning sun
Cool air hums with a promise of a new beginning
I reach for you and you reach for me
Together we welcome whatever may happen

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