You are what you read

Some words curse, some words cure
Some make you bold, some not so sure
Words can grow wisdom, words can grow love
Purify heart, lit light in your soul
But avoid those that spark hate or urge hurt
Those that chain others or end life too soon
So don’t wait too long, get what you need
Remember forever: you are what you read

Yesterday I went to Rebel Book Club book-swap meeting. Amazing atmosphere of deep thought about the current world affairs, challenges we face and hope that we all carry in our hearts. I always strive to broaden my horizons whenever I can and this book club is certainly one of the most valuable ways to do so. It’s strictly a non-fiction company so if you decide to join you can expect deep arguments or controversial research or theories.
It was a book-swap so everyone brought a book that in one way or another changed their life, world view or character and then exchanged it with a book someone else brought. I chose to bring The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry. It is a small book with only 140 pages. But there is power there. There is an explanation of things that lead our lives without us noticing them. It is a book written to make us understand each other and the social norms that shape and govern us. It’s a book about how to navigate being a man, especially now in the #metoo era. It’s a male version of We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and just as I always recommend that one, I also recommend this one with all my heart. It opens our eyes to the other side of the issue of gender equality by taking in the other half of the population – men. For me, this book brings a bit of balance to the issue of feminism as it concentrates on masculinity. The concept, the culture, the execution, the toxicity.
The book I got was Calm the F**k Down by Sarah Knight because in this always rushing world everyone needs a bit of peace and just calm the f*** down.
You are what you read, so read what enriches you and makes you a better person.
What book has changed your views or left a lasting impression you just can’t shake off?

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