When I come down to my knees

Struggling to pray

My mind in storm striving for peace

Looking for hope


I try to brush off the overwhelming thoughts

Of being powerless

Against pollution, inequality and loss

Everything we know


And I do my best to do my part

So that all is better

But it feels like making a castle from sand

Against a mighty river


What to do, where to go

How to save each other

The time is now for us to unite

Give back to the Earth


Day after night

Moon slipping through black feathers of the night
Sunlight of the previous day forgotten
We lay immobile, unaware
Entangled in dreams, covered in sheets
The weight of the world keeping us in place

I hear the birds before I can see the dawn
Our breaths in harmony
Soft touch breaks the seal of sleep
The mind starts climbing into this new day
Our eyes calm, warm, satisfied

We spread our arm and let the world claim us
With eyes wide open we breathe in the light of the morning sun
Cool air hums with a promise of a new beginning
I reach for you and you reach for me
Together we welcome whatever may happen

Trying to bring me down

I’ve been in trouble
I don’t know what I’ve done so wrong
Tried to be above all
Mistakes I made and lies I told

Let’s go, give me something to think about
Let’s go, cause they’re all just trying to bring me down
They’re all just trying to bring me down

You want a quick score
Don’t you think you’re a bit too old?
I want a peace talk
And I won’t be waiting anymore 

And I won’t give in
This insanity is spiraling
And I won’t commit
To this farce, it’s just embarrassing

Come on, I’m dropping down to my knees
Come on, my mind will never be at ease
Let’s go, give me something to think about
Let’s go, cause they’re all just trying to bring me down
They’re all just trying to bring me down

Tubingen reunion

Time is a curious thing. It’s the digits on my phone. It’s a date in my calendar. It is a feeling. It’s an element out of control. It slows down when you want it to gallop. It rushes through when you want it to stop. A year can be a number of months, days, hours. It is a frame for emotions, experiences, people you’ve met, places you’ve been. How long is a year for you?

Two years ago, I met three extraordinary women that have been changing my life since. It has also been a year since I last saw them. A year is a number here. I didn’t feel it at all.

We gathered in a small town in southern Germany. Tubingen. It is a name you probably never came across before. I haven’t. It welcomed us with the sun. It opened its arms and we walked across its narrow streets and steep hills, we swam down it river.

tubingen river

Most of all we talked, discussed, laughed and argued. Each of us is on a different path now. We are spread across Europe. Yet, we come together when it matters most. No topic was left untouched. We complained about governments, politicians, policies. We debated how to change what we don’t like, how to improve what we can. We talked about love. We talked about struggle.

We talked about what it means to be a woman. Feminism, motherhood, career, tenderness. Everything together, yet each a piece of a puzzle. Nothing defining, nothing limiting, nothing forgiving.

We talked about the future. We shared dreams, fears, and hope. We shared life.

I am grateful and honoured to have them in my life. One year separated, three days together. I feel closer to them than ever. They are a support group I wish everyone had. They are a brainstorm everyone needs. They are the power that the world demands.

Here we all are, surrounded by flowers and light. Their arms wrapped around me. My heart wrapped around them. A blessing for all. The brightest of souls.

us bridge

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