Who we are, who we can be

So you want to escape
What are you running from
Is it your father’s arms
Or your mother’s quiet storm

I wish I was a cloud
I could drift through the sky
Make the sun only mine
And sing for everyone

I wish I was a mountain
Have a thick tough skin
Not to bow to anyone
Not even knowing how

Then you want to begin
What are you waiting for
Some sort of forgiveness
Or your own doubts to grow

I wish I was a wind
Careless, free and swift
Carry sweet seeds of life
Chase after the sunlight

I wish I was a river
Creating my own paths
Have a will strong as a stream
Living life to the extreme

So you want to achieve
What are you hoping for
Privilege and light treatment
Results you didn’t work for

Of the sea and wind

When the sea comes to me
I’ll be a wave crashing so near
A deeper thought
A deeper sound
And you’ll be my new found land

So will you hold me
Until my last shallow breath
Will you love me
If it’s the last thing you have

Cause every now and then
I feel the time go by
And it’s just a short breath
Or is it just a lonely sigh?

We spend so much time apart
So is it even real?
I always try to make it right
And keep my heart concealed

Last time you burst in like a river
I didn’t have time to run
Your passion swept me in a flood
And, oh, it took my life
And I wanted to forget and I wanted to scream
But darling there is no escape, we were meant to be

If the wind comes chasing me
I’ll be a rock standing so still
Or like a tree
Or like a cloud
And you’ll be the king I crown

Let there be light

No matter what I do
I won’t ever be good enough for you
And you can hear me crying
When magic within us is dying
And the world needs it now
Like I need you, my moon, my sun

And then you said
‘Let there be light’
Time after time there was no place to hide
Slipping through my fingers
Days, months and years
Not coming back ever again

Because the last time I saw your eyes
They were like a clear blue sky
I don’t know what went wrong
Now they only carry storm

If I could be brand new
There is so much shit I wouldn’t do
And I know I was lying
When I said we would be flying
Why is it that you don’t care how
You’ll leave this Earth and turn to dust

We were drifting for so long
My head felt so light
Every rainy day was below us
Above us only stars

And then you said
‘Let there be light’



Have you ever wondered

Why the wind runs so wild?

An enchanted breath of gods

Playing like a child


Oh, how much I miss those days

When I was young and free

Always laughing, always charmed

And forever the wind I’ll be


Have you ever wondered why

The sky is so damn high?

Ever tempting yet unsure

Am I wrong or is there more?


We all wonder, we all guess

Sometimes more and sometimes less

Is it the biggest of all lies

That we’ll end up in the sky?



Hey guys! So I decided to experiment with words a bit more than usual here. I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think!

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